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Real estate in Germany

Two buildings in West Germany - Bochum and Oberhausen
Required investment: starting from 50 thousand euros

A very high-quality deal offers the purchase of 2 buildings in excellent condition in West Germany. In total, there are 18 apartments and another commercial area of ​​300 square meters. For the sake of transparency, we’ve worked on this deal for over nine months – and it’s just the icing on the cake. All properties are leased, and their returns are double-digit from day one. The profit potential is enormous since the properties have been purchased at a low price per meter. The German banks endorsed the deal and gave us 86% financing for the purchase of the buildings. Fundraising opened two weeks ago, and we have already raised over 50% of the required capital. It’s your time to opt for a safe return and join a quality group of investors.

Real Estate Investments - Our Success Stories

פרויקט בשיווק

Oberhausen Bergstrasse

Oberhausen Bergstrasse בניין פינתי הממוקם במפגש צירים מרכזי ואסטרטגי בעיר אוברהאוזן, ובסמיכות למרכז הקניות והבילוי ה”סנטרו” הנחשב לאחד הגדולים באירופה. הפרויקט משלב 815 מ”ר של

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פרויקט בשיווק

Bochum parkallee

Bochum parkallee   בניין בוטיק קסום ויוקרתי הממוקם בתוך פארק רחב ידיים ומשמש למגורים בלבד. המבנה נמצא בשכונה שקטה ואיכותית בעיר בוכום ובסמיכות לכנסייה מרשימה.

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גיוס הושלם

Marl Bachackerweg

Marl Bachackerweg בניין בוטיק הממוקם בליבה של שכונה שקטה ומטופחת. הבניין הנבנה באמצע שנות השישים ומשמש למגורים בלבד. הפרויקט מכיל 10 דירות מגורים המושכרות ברובם

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גיוס הושלם

Recklinghausen Koinigswall

Recklinghausen Koinigswall   בניין המשלב מגורים ומסחר וכולל 1,280 מ”ר של מסחר, מרפאות, 4 דירות ו-10 מקומות חנייה. הבניין שנבנה באמצע שנות השבעים עבר מיד

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The Israelis are taking over Germany.
The secret to the magic of investing in real estate abroad

Is it possible to generate a return of over 10% net per year?

Several years of experience with the German real estate market has taught us a lot about “how to create a profitable deal” within a dynamic market full of players. We aim to turn a real estate transaction into an actual “exit”.

Our model is based on close connections and deep familiarity with the established market and local regulations. This power allows us to act quickly and execute transactions rapidly and profitably. The fact that we possess in-depth knowledge of the work environment, market prices, and growth potential help us act resolutely and complete agile transactions at 25% -40% below the real market value. This way, we offer our investors deals that pay off immediately upon purchasing the properties, regardless of potential appreciation.

1 | The first one to recognize a good deal

The first one to recognize a good deal

over the years, we have developed a vast network of dozens of local realtors. Those relationships and the use of cutting-edge real estate technology allow us to be the first ones on the speed dial list when a new property is listed. Next, we conduct thorough and in-depth inspections of the property (over 40 different parameters

2 | Full professional registration

Full professional registration

as part of our service, we arrange full legal coverage for our clients. We know how to handle many types of clients (businesses, individuals, groups, etc.). Depending on the nature of the purchase, we take care of establishing the legal entity in Germany. We know how to complete fully secured transactions.

3 | Property management

Property management

our customers are looking for turned-key properties. We manage the property for you from A to Z (no small print). We are supported by several local companies that operate around the clock. The management includes everything from a house committee to a bulb replacement. Our customers enjoy peace of mind for years to come.

4 | Portfolio customization

Portfolio customization

from our experience, each investor comes with a different budget and different investment strategies. We tailor the best deal to your pocket accordingly. We pride ourselves on having a professional process, during which we present you with a large number of properties (some of which do not appear on the website). You will choose the one that best suits you and your specific needs.

Why should you invest with us in Germany?

Full legal support

both in Hebrew and German, with the help of an Israeli lawyer. The property is registered directly in the buyer’s name, and we assist in opening a limited company in Germany.

Full transparency

in remote asset management, transparency is the name of the game. We believe in total transparency and reciprocity when dealing with our clients and associates.

Stable rental market

did you know that over 60% of Germans are renting? We only invest in locations where it is easy to rent out, and we choose the tenants carefully.

long-standing experience

Our long-standing experience in Germany’s real estate investment market makes us leaders in this field. Therefore, we can help you in your decision-making, which will eventually result in profit.

Bank financing

we bring good deals to the table. That is why banks offer our investors financing at low-interest rates. We take care of arranging bank financing for all our investors.

It’s all about numbers

numbers include reports and accounting. We take care of everything - a quarterly report + an annual report. And yes, you’ll get our full support in all matters related to taxation.

So why is everyone talking about real estate investing in Germany?

Real Estate in Europe - Why is Germany the best strategic location for income-producing real estate investments?

The European real estate market is exciting, offering a few alternatives: England, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania (these are Germany's five main competitors when it comes to investing). Germany was chosen by PWC, the largest accounting firm in Germany, as the best country to invest in real estate. Here is why:

  1. A strong economy - The European Union has been in turmoil in recent years, and if there is a breakdown, Germany is expected to recover the fastest. England can experience difficulties due to Brexit, the Mediterranean countries (Greece, Spain, Italy) might collapse, so Germany is considered the safest country for investments.
  2. A steady trend of appreciation - for eight years in a row, Germany has experienced an average increase of 11% per year in its major cities. Still, the gaps are striking. It was possible to find a real estate deal in Berlin that would cost between 500 and 800 euros per meter in the past. Today, the price per meter has risen to 3500-6000 euros. In small cities, properties can still be found at prices of 500 euros per meter., "We anticipate that the trend in Germany will spread to the small towns, and then we will see appreciating real estate all over the country."
  3. Tenants' market - one should keep in mind that 72% of Germans do not own apartments. However, this has changed in recent years (a few years ago, 80% of Germans did not own properties). Prices are on the rise in Germany not because of the investors but because of the Germans themselves who have started actively buying apartments. In case this trend continues, real estate is expected to further appreciate in the next five years.
  4. Bank financing - in Germany, it is very easy to get bank financing for foreign investors. The economic policy encourages foreign investment, so the German bank is willing to give significant loans without having a record of the investor. You can currently get up to 90% financing for quality assets from a bank in the country. Accordingly, we provide a contractual guarantee to our clients to obtain the required funding to purchase a property. In other European countries such as Poland or Greece, it is almost impossible to get bank financing. Therefore, you don’t have the necessary leverage to create a quality real estate deal.

Why Germany and why now?

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5 Interesting Facts About Real Estate Investing In Germany

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