Our investment strategy


Our extensive experience and seniority in the real estate investment market in Germany makes us a leader in the field.


Our German real estate team is the leader in its field. We are a strong group of real estate professionals, expert analysts, economists and lawyers. We conduct in-depth research in the German real estate market, and analyze actual data about potential and profitable investments for our clients. We have developed a unique work method that guarantees high returns with low risks for our investors.


At Nadlan Germany, we aim high. Our most important goal is to identify low-risk investments with the most substantial return potential, based on our professional evaluations. We conduct comprehensive checks and inspections prior to investing in a property, וand only after we are confident that it is a smart purchase – only then do we recommend the property deal. This is how we guarantee a stable investment channel with high returns over time – for you.

Reducing risks

A key element of our investment strategy is maintaining a low risk level. At Nadlan Germany, we deal with investments in a wide range of fields. Our investment diversification is optimal, enabling us to consistently maintain a limited risk range for our clients.

Monitoring and control

We closely supervise our investments at all times. Our team constantly monitors the dynamics and changing trends in the local and global real estate market, and as a result we are able to make smart decisions and change and improve our investments because we are always hands-on.

The investor always comes first

Investors are our top priorities at Nadlan Germany. For us, transparency is a foremost value. Building trust with you is our first and most important goal, for which we strive at all times, without compromise. We will always favor your returns over the returns of the company and its partners – this is our commitment.