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בן שמיר

Ben Shamir


Ben was voted one of the “hottest” names in the real estate world in Germany  (Channel 10)

He is the owner of the successful advertising company GENESIS and is a serial entrepreneur and partner in a number of promising startups.

Ben is responsible for several huge real estate deals, and is a senior strategic consultant for investment bodies in Israel and worldwide

Rami Ben Ami

Chairman of the Board

Rami is Colonel (Res) and graduate of the Israel Naval Academy, Rami served 25 years in the Navy in key senior positions. In his last position as head of the Naval Combat Systems Department, he managed projects with a scope of hundreds of millions of NIS.
He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University, MA magna cum laude in Engineering and MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Upon the end of his military service, he served as senior VP at Elbit Systems for 8 years. In 2009, together with Ofer Ben Dor and Oren Peled, he founded GLM Israel Construction, where he serves as CEO, and an active partner in the real estate business in Israel and abroad.

He is a part-time teacher of mathematics and physics at Shimon Ben Zvi High School in Givatayim

Offer Ben Dor

Owner, Director – Chief Business Director

Offer has 30 years of experience in in business in general and in the field of real estate in particular, including management of companies and large-scale investments of hundreds of thousands of dollars worldwide. He has been the CEO and Director of public and private companies engaged in real estate and finances. Until 2003, Ofer was the CEO of Nitsba Holdings – a large group of companies with properties, investments and businesses in Israel and abroad, totaling billions of NIS. Since 2004, he has founded and managed entrepreneurial companies, primarily dealing with large scale projects in the real estate sector, operating in Israel, Europe and the US.

He is the founder (with partners) and Chairman of the board of directors of the GLM Group, engaged in real estate development in Israel and Europe.

In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, he also provides strategic consulting and mentoring services to large organizations, and leads companies through reorganization processes, as well as sales, mergers and acquisitions.

Offer is a CPA and economist, holding a degree in Land Assessment and Real Estate Management.

In the army, he served in Unit 8200 of the IDF’s Intelligence Corps.

He is the founder and CEO of a number of non-profit social welfare organizations engaged in sports activities for children and adults with disabilities, and rehabilitation of youths at risk.

מודל ההשקעה שלנו - הזדמנות עסקית חכמה

הכל מתחיל באנשים, נדל”ן זאת מערכת יחסים ארוכת טווח
אתם צריכים להיות בטוחים ב 100% שאתם עם הצוות הנכון,
לכן חשוב מאוד שתכירו את הדמויות שעומדות מאחורי הפעילות.
כבר למעלה מ4 שנים אנחנו על הקו של ישראל – גרמניה
הקמנו משרדים בתל אביב ובמערב גרמניה אשר מנוהלים ע”י צוות מקומי.
התשתית האנושית שלנו כוללת את כל הגורמים על מנת להבטיח עסקה נכונה ורווחית,
החל מצוות משפטי הכולל נוטריון ועורך דין, צוות גרמני המתמחה במיסוי וניהול חשבונות
וכמובן חברת ניהול מקצועית שמסייעת בניהול הנכסים.
בזכות קשרים עמוקים שנרקמו במהלך השנים יש לנו אנשי קשר בכירים במערכת הבנקאות המקומית 
המסייעים לנו לקבל מימונים באחוזים גבוהיים ( למעלה מ 80% בכל פרויקט)
וכן מתווכים חזקים מאוד שמעניקים לנו ראשוניות על נכסים אטרקטיבים.
כל האנשים מתחברים יחד לכדי צוות יעיל ומקצועי שיודע לייצר עסקאות עם תשואה בטוחה.