First impressions are important – we want to briefly describe and familiarize you with our outlook and perspective as a company. Presented here are our key values based on which we collaborate with you. At Nadlan Germany, we seek to develop a successful and strong relationship with you – and believe this to be an important component of making a successful transaction.


Before finalizing an investment and even after, we put all the cards on the table. It is important for us to provide you with information that is accurate and personally relevant to you – at all times. Honesty is a very important element of our relationship with you. The way we work allows us to give you a pertinent snapshot of your investment at all times. We are committed to providing the most exact and accurate advice to you - our investors.

True partnership

We accompany our investors throughout all the stages along the way and see ourselves as your partners. And so, as partners - your success is also our success. We put your returns before our returns as a company, and as far as we're concerned, a good deal is one that, above all, offers you high yields. When you make a profit - we make a profit.


As professionals, we understand that buying a real estate property abroad is a significant decision for our investors. Therefore, we bear responsibility throughout all the stages of the transaction. First and foremost, we pledge to offer you only properties that have been extensively examined to determine their profitability. We believe a good deal is made, first and foremost, during the acquisition stage. Even after the purchase, the sense of responsibility is shared, and we want to be the people you trust with anything and everything related to your investment.

Professional management

When you live overseas, far from your property, we are your eyes and ears on the ground. Our professional team, which also operates close to you in Israel, as well as close to your property in Germany, has the necessary experience. The decisions we make are well-thought-out, and we are accountable to you for every step we take. Our management method does not allow for shortcuts, and we give 100 percent effort, investment and time so that your investment continues to yield without taking unnecessary risks.

Does that sound like an interesting partnership proposition to you? Contact us, and we can continue the discussion.