In 2015, my husband and I were very confused about where to invest our small savings and what to do with the money. I can now say, after several years, that I am sure that we make the right decision in the right country – and most importantly – we did it with the right people.

In short – I invested 150 thousand Euro a few years ago. I've already recovered the sum and now plan to make another purchase. What can I say? I call them magicians, and they always correct me and say that they are simply professionals. I couldn't be more pleased.

We are a group of several partners that have been making real estate investments overseas for quite some time. We only encountered Nadlan Germany last year, and I can say in the name of the entire group that this is a professional, methodical and reliable company – that doesn't leave any open loopholes. I am sure that we will make additional fruitful investments together in the future.

I've known these guys for years… they are a unique bunch in the international real estate investment market. I recommend them warmly.

I am the proud owner of four different buildings in northern Bavaria. I made all my investments through Nadlan Germany. They are always there, always responsible, always caring and always looking at the property as if it were theirs. I couldn't ask for better partners.

I contacted the company at the beginning of 2018 in order to buy an apartment with the money I'd saved. The guys at Nadlan Germany showed me how I can leverage the money and instead of an apartment, I invested in an entire building and even obtained great loan conditions. I highly recommend them for anyone who is not experienced in real estate investments.

I have been a real estate investor in Europe for over a decade, but only encountered the company 2 years ago. Their data analysis and transaction analysis capabilities are outstanding, as is their use of advanced assessment tools and most importantly – they are mensches. Even when I invest outside Germany, I always come to hear their professional opinion. In short – they are professional, reliable and experienced.

I reached Nadlan Germany through a recommendation by a friend who made several deals through the company. I was just about to sign a contract with another company for a property in Berlin. After an introduction and review of the contract, the guys pointed out to me several problematic clauses, and demanded that I change them with the other company, since they said that the deal would be great once these clauses are removed. The company refused to change the clauses and in retrospect it turns out that Nadlan Germany saved me from a dodgy deal with a dodgy company. Since then, I have made two purchases of buildings in Germany, and I am very thankful to them.